From mod to game: How DayZ will evolve as a standalone release

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Posted: 4 years 11 weeks ago

"When Dean "Rocket" Hall started working on the zombie-themed DayZ mod for Bohemia Interactive's ArmA II, he figured it would get a decent response from the few thousand people in the game's devoted modding community. But now that DayZ has broken through to mainstream gaming success—recently crossing over the one million player threshold—it's starting to outgrow the game that it was initially built on top of.

That's why Hall, now a full-time project manager at Bohemia's Prague headquarters, is leading up the development of a standalone version of DayZ (currently planned for release later this year). It's a move that will help directly monetize what has, until now, just been an extremely effective marketing tool for the core ArmA II game. It's also a move that will free DayZ itself from some design constraints imposed by building on top of the structure of a very different, pre-existing game.

"ArmA was designed for a pretty broad purpose, but it was designed as a military simulator," Hall said in an interview with Ars. "The purpose of DayZ is very different, so that's why it needs to make the transition"



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I'll be awaiting the official release of the standalone game :) Been checking out the gameplay of others playing the mod and it looks super fun.