Valve to Steam users: No class-action suits

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Source: Ars Technica - Read the full article
Posted: 4 years 11 weeks ago

"Valve has issued an update to its Steam Subscriber Agreement that effectively prevents all Steam users from joining in class-action lawsuits against the company. Valve's new SSA requires that "you [the user] and Valve agree to resolve all disputes and claims... in individual binding arbitration," mimicking similar language added by EA to its Origin service agreement and Microsoft with Windows 8.

Valve offers a curious explanation for the change in a press release, speaking on users' behalf: "In far too many cases, class actions don’t provide any real benefit to users and instead impose unnecessary expense and delay, and are often designed to benefit the class action lawyers who craft and litigate these claims. Class actions like these do not benefit us or our communities."



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I was wondering why Steam forced me to agree to the SSA after the last update...just another wall of text.