Valve says Win 8 is a catastrophe for all in PC space

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Posted: 4 years 12 weeks ago

"Newell said Windows 8 is "kind of a catastrophe for everybody in the PC space". He said he fears that some top tier PC manufacturers will exit the market due to destroyed margins. Valve sees Linux as part of the solutioin and is keen on making sure it thrives. Seeing as how the company is sure that absence of games is among the main culprits, Newell said:" So we’re going to continue working with the Linux distribution guys, shipping Steam, shipping our games, and making it as easy as possible for anybody who’s engaged with us — putting their games on Steam and getting those running on Linux, as well."



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Windows 8 is a table based OS for the most part. Maybe Windows 9 might make sense for PCs. I'm all for more Linux game support. As it is now though, there's so little support for Linux, I personally won't even consider it for a gaming OS.

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