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Video Review #1785: Fractal Design Define Nano S Case

The Fractal Design Define Nano S Case is a small version of the Define S case, but with many of the same excellent features. It comes with two fans, removable dust filters, radiators up to 280mm in length can be installed along with long video cards and tall coolers. As well, it includes sound dampening material, a great cable management system, looks great and is affordable.

Video Review #1783: Corsair Sabre RGB Gaming Mouse

Improving on the original Sabre RGB mouse they've updated this one by adding a 10,000 dpi optical sensor. It packs four-zone dynamic 16.8m multi-color backlighting which is on the left side, scroll wheel, their logo, and at the front, it has eight fully programmable buttons, Omron switches, which will last just about forever and the polling rate is up to 1000Hz for lag-free responsive gaming

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Video Review #1784: Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro 11 550W Power Supply

The Dark Power Pro 11 lineup includes power supplies ranging in wattages from 550 to 1200, so there's lots to choose from. What all of these have in common is; great looks, quality power, a quiet fan, an excellent warranty and they're Platinum certified. The Be Quiet! 550W Power Supply is a perfect option for anyone in need of a lower wattage super efficient power supply.

Video Review #1782: Antec P9 Case

If you're looking for a case that has tons of drive bays, the Antec P9 is it! You can fit up to ten 2.5" drives or eight 3.5" drives and three 5.25" drives inside. It has three 120mm fans, but more can be added and large radiators can be installed. As well, there's ample cable management, it comes with sound dampening material and sports a window.

Video Review #1781: Tesoro Ascalon Spectrum Optical Gaming Mouse

The Tesoro Ascalon Spectrum Gaming Mouse comes with a 6,400dpi optical sensor, 7 programmable buttons, Omron switches, software, 16.8 million color lightening system, performs well, looks great and is affordable. If you have medium to large size hands, this would be a perfect fit.

Video Review #1780: FSP Hydro G 850W Modular Power Supply

The FSP Hydro G 850W Power Supply has a lot going for it. For the reasonable price of $140US you're getting a unit that's Gold certified, has Japanese capacitors, comes with a 5 year warranty, is completely modular, looks sharp and is virtually silent.

Video Review #1779: Thermaltake Core X31 Case

The Thermaltake Core X31 Case is one of the better mid-tower cases on the market today considering the price and what's offered. It's rather large so it can accommodate lots of hardware including tall coolers, long PSUs and video cards, lots of fans, radiators and drives. The cable management system is top notch and comes with a large window. Simple put, it's a very sharp looking case that's feature rich!

Video Review #1778: Be Quiet! Silent Base 600 Case

The Be Quiet! Silent Base 600 Case is definitely not a copycat in the style department and it has lots of features. The build quality is great, they include two fans and more can be added, along with radiators for water cooling and many drives can be installed. As well, this case is available with or without a window, comes in 3 difference colors and has acoustic dampening material.

Q&A Video: Custom & Macro Lightening Record Modes on the Tesoro Excalibur V2 Mechanical Keyboard

Video Review #1777: Tesoro Excalibur V2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Tesoro Excalibur V2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is well built with a simple design that has Kaile switches. It comes with a 32bit ARM Cortex processor, 512KB of onboard memory and full N-Key/6 key rollover. As well, there's a number of lightening options and it's available in black and white.

Video Review #1776: Raidmax RX-700AT Monster Titanium 700W Power Supply

The Raidmax RX-700AT Monster 700W Power Supply is titanium certified so it's really efficient, it's semi-modular with sleeved leads, has Japanese capacitors, comes with a quiet 135mm fan and is fairly priced.