Intel slashes SSD prices

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Posted: 4 years 14 weeks ago

"Intel is planning to cut the prices on its SSDs in August. The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactered a hell on earth rumour that Chipzilla is planning significant price reductions across its consumer SSD lineups, even in its new 330 series.

The biggest cuts will be to the 320 series. The retail version of the 300GB drive costing $464 instead of the previous $519, while the 600GB version will lose almost $200 of its retail price, falling from $1,059 to $879.

The performance 520 line will see huge cuts with the 60GB version now retailing at $99, $139 for 120GB, $199 for 180GB, $259 for 240GB, and $594 for 480GB. At those sorts of prices, SSDs should kill off traditional hard drives for all but older backups.

Intel just released the 330 family in April, it's slashing prices for these drives by a quarter. The 60GB drops to just $69, the 120GB to $104, and the 180GB to $154."