Millennial Moms Don't Let Sex Get in the Way of Smartphone Use

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Posted: 4 years 23 weeks ago

"It's no secret that moms are a tech-savvy bunch, but you might be surprised to learn exactly how they’re using their digital devices. According to a new survey from Meredith’s Parents Network, young moms are staying digitally connected everywhere no matter where they are—and we mean everywhere. Meredith’s second Moms & Media survey, which questioned around 1,000 moms born between 1977 and 1994, found that 21 percent of mothers use their smartphones in the bathroom, while 12 percent admitted to using their phones during sex. Although there was (thankfully) no mention of how moms use their phones during those private moments, there’s a good chance that they were indulging in some retail therapy: 81 percent of moms said they mostly used their smartphones for shopping..."



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Maybe Mom needs a smartphone for mothers-day. just saying.. :)

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