Video Teaser: Revisiting Our GeForce GTX 680 Cleavage

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Posted: 4 years 25 weeks ago

"If you haven't yet had the chance to read our Cleavage coverage of Nvidia's newest flagship graphics card, check out GeForce GTX 680 2 GB Review: Kepler Sends Tahiti On Vacation and GeForce GTX 680, Part 2: SLI, 5760x1080, And Overclocking. In those two stories, we cover the GeForce GTX 680's excellent stock performance, impressive efficiency, improved display connectivity support, and SLI scaling. When the GeForce GTX 680 launched, its $500 price tag made it a significantly more attractive purchase than a $550 Radeon HD 7970. Recently, however, AMD dropped its flagship to $479 and its Radeon HD 7950 to $400. The result would be a much more competitive landscape..." -Read More



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Clearly an example of nice rack technology.

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