Bandwidth explosion: As Internet use soars, can bottlenecks be averted?

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Posted: 4 years 25 weeks ago

"As the head of a bandwidth assessment group at the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and past chairman of the IEEE's task force on 40 Gigabit and 100 Gigabit per second Ethernet, John D'Ambrosia is among the people who will help guide the world toward 400 Gigabit and even Terabit per second speeds. But will our capacity to deliver bandwidth keep up with the human race's ability to consume it?"

"That's the question that keeps me up at night," said D'Ambrosia, who is also chairman of the Ethernet Alliance industry group and an engineering executive at Dell. "When we were doing the 100 Gigabit project, people were saying as soon as you get 100 Gigabit done, you need to start working on the next speed. We're past that knee of the curve and we're getting into real exponential growth." -Read More