IT managers stressed out of their minds

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Posted: 4 years 26 weeks ago

"Nearly two thirds of IT managers are so stressed that they are thinking of packing it all and joining a new age commune where they can be calm. GFI Software today announced the results of its new IT Admin Stress Survey, which found that 69% of IT administrators have considered switching careers due to job stress. Apparently dealing with managers, end users, and tight deadlines were cited as the biggest contributors to work-related stress. Survey results also revealed that IT professionals tend to work long unpaid overtime hours, with 34 per cent contributing the equivalent of 12 additional weeks per year in overtime..."



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I can vouch for the stress factor. In a customer support role, my work day averages 10 hrs/day + weekend on-call support. For those in our management the amount of stress involved here is insane and they are on duty 24/7. Those of us leading their teams try and lighten our manager's loads but even with that there is still a bazillion details they need to deal with all at the same time.


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