After Best Buy Swipes His Driver's License: No Returns For 90 Days

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Posted: 2 years 50 weeks ago

"Peter Peel of Middletown thought he had all the twists and turns he needed for at least a day when he bought "The French Connection" Blu-ray disc from Best Buy in early March. Unfortunately, the disc proved defective so, three days later, he brought it back to the Best Buy in Newington. That's when he got the surprise ending.

Despite having the receipt, Peel was also asked for his driver's license. (Unlike the "French Connection, however, no one asked if he had ever picked his feet in Poughkeepsie.) After an employee swiped the license, Peel was told the movie-disc return would be accepted but the store would not authorize any other returns or exchanges for 90 days..."



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Yep. It's legal, and I for one support it. Do you have any idea how many people buy things, take them home, use then, then bring them back to the store when they are done? How re-sellable are the goods being returned?

Would you pay full price for a movie that was opened? Would you pay the same price for a big screen TV that was purchased right before Super Bowl Sunday and returned the following Monday? I wouldn't. The only way the store can sell these goods is as "open box" goods at a discount - which usually is at their break-even wholesale price. Maybe they can unload the TV that way, but I doubt a movie or software (license codes that has been used by someone else render software worthless).

Best Buy and several other retailers like Walmart use a 3rd party authorization service that analyses a customer's return habits and what events are taking place around the time of the same and when the return is taking place. If it finds something fishy (like borrowing the 80" TV from Best Buy just before the super bowl), it will impose a "No returns for 90 days" on goods that are not found to be damaged. Buying that snowblower in fall, then returning it in spring would probably set off a couple alarms.

Now in this guy's defence, BB could simply have an "Exchange only" policy on opened movies that would eliminate this kind of thing.

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That has to depend on the State you live in because I'm sure it's not legal. I know I would never shop at BestBuy if that happened to me. But at the same time I understand why they would try to block some people that return alot of items for no good reason.

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lol wut!! is that legal?