Girls Around Me: One Woman's Defense of the 'Stalking' App

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Posted: 4 years 29 weeks ago

"Girls Around Me, the geo-location iPhone app, is under fire for undermining women’s privacy, but the controversy seems blown out of proportion. We're quick to ask what new way tech companies have devised to rob us of our privacy, but it's hard to see this app as a real threat to privacy or women. I consider it, instead, more of a wake-up call to those who publicly overshare.

The app, which has been voluntarily pulled from the App Store, culls publicly available information from social networks and spits out semi-useful data, such as female-to-male ratios at nearby venues. It also, however, makes use of people's publicly visible Facebook profiles and lets users see any information those people have made public, including full names, ages, relationship statuses, and photos..."



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If women (or men for that matter) don't want to be cyberstalked, then it makes sense to be very aware of what information you are setting out there about yourself to be found.

I have creeped out a few young women bigtime by showing them what could be found out about them via simple googling. I sent them via their email address that I found the results I found including of all kinds of things like family pictures, college information, their addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and for one what they dressed up as in last year's cosplay. I also told them who I was and why I did that.

I did this to make them aware that if I can do this with a simple google, others with less moral intent can do the same and cause a lot of mischief with that information. I am happy to say at least one of them actually cleaned up most of her Internet footprints and eventually thanked me for it (that took a while - having someone send you something like that is pretty creepy! ).


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