Quantic Dreams, Sexy Robots and International Women's Day - Is There a Link?

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Posted: 4 years 31 weeks ago

"At the Game Developers’ Conference in San Francisco on Wednesday, the French game studio Quantic Dream showcased “Kara”, a tech demo of their latest performance capture and graphical rendering engine. As well as creating formally innovative video games, Quantic Dream also provides performance capture services for the film industry. Therefore, it is not particularly surprising that they wanted to highlight their ability to push the envelope on creating realistic digital actors. As a friend of mine observed, they have gone to tremendous lengths and great expense to make a short film. In fact, I would say that the synthetic form of Kara in this short film is slightly more realistic than the actual people in the game “Night Trap“..." - Read More

"So, the story. Kara is an android, and the demo shows her being assembled and put through her paces by a tester/coder, represented by voice from offscreen. As her limbs are bolted on, and she acquires human flesh in a manner clearly referencing the myth of Galatea, it becomes clear that she is not only artificially intelligent but also sentient. The question becomes whether the controller will follow the rule book and have her immediately disassembled, or allow her to enjoy her new-found life...." - Read More



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Wow.. that video is good.

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