Intel sticks with DDR3 till 2014

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Posted: 4 years 33 weeks ago

"The current plan for Intel is to stick with DDR3 and the low power variant, simply called DDR3L with voltages up to 1.5V. The current plan is that Haswell, a CPU that comes in 1H of 2013, supports DDR3 and DDR3L at 1.5V 1600 with dual channel memory interface. Broadwell 14nm might change this but only in 1H 2014 and beyond... It looks like it will be a while before we see DDR4 memory for desktops or notebooks as it doesn’t looks like RAM is a big limiting factor, or bottleneck, for current and near future architectures."



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Doesn't look like Ram as a limiting factor...

Given that a PC is all about buffering there might be some truth to this. HDD's, GPU's and CPU's have their own cache buffers built in, making them run faster while taking load off the system memory. HDD to SSD was perhaps the biggest bottleneck destroyed in the last few years IMHO. I guess we shale see if this is at all true because 2014 is just around the corner and the competition never sleeps, not even for Intel.

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