Profile Scheduler App is KICKASS

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Posted: 4 years 37 weeks ago

I personally use this Profile Scheduler on my Galaxy Nexus Smartphone and it's an App just about everyone can find a use for. I use it mostly for silencing my phone when I go to sleep, but it has a ton of other features. My wife also uses it to put her phone into meeting mode when at work, using a local LAN to do so.

"The only profile manager you need. Simply set and forget. Follow us on Twitter @wetpalm4android. Activate profile by just a click, by scheduler, by rules : Location(GPS or Network), Calendar, Headset, Car Dock, Power, Battery Level, Wifi or Bluetooth, or a countdown timer! You can even set the priority for the rules. Lots of features, flexible and most importantly it's very simple to configure and use." ~





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I love this App, so does the wife :)

Rodney Reynolds,