DICE to hire anti-cheat administrator

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Posted: 4 years 38 weeks ago

"After hearing the complaints of the Battlefield community for years, DICE has finally decided to take a new approach to address the cheating that continues to be rampant within the PC Battlefield community. This new tact involves the hiring of what DICE is calling an “anti-cheat administrator” that will work for DICE and whose sole job will be to curb, if not eliminate, cheating in Battlefield titles. (While we suspect initially the focus will be on the PC platform, we think they will also be addressing cheating on console platforms.) It is clear that DICE is sick of the cheating issues, and is making good on its promise to redouble its efforts to deal with cheaters."



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Good luck with that ... how he will know for sure the guy is cheating, he can't. There is no demos recorder, FPP spectator NOTHING. There will be more bans for gamers then actual cheaters.