How the next Xbox could stop you from playing used games

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Posted: 4 years 39 weeks ago

"A recent Kotaku post cites "one reliable industry source" to suggest that the still-unannounced successor to Microsoft's Xbox 360 will somehow prevent used games from being played on the system. The idea remains an unconfirmed rumor, of course, but it's something that members of the game industry have floated repeatedly in the past. It's also a move that would likely find hefty support from publishers looking for a way to stop what they see as erosion of their profits thanks to used games (the reality is a bit more complicated than that, but we won't rehash that old argument here). The renewed debate got us wondering, though: how might such a used-game prevention system actually work on a technical level?"



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Damn, this is getting stupider and stupider by the day. So in their opinion I/we will buy the game again? Dream on

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If this is indeed true, I have one word for it, GREED!

Rodney Reynolds,


I really hope this is fake since i don't see how they make the xbox be able to tell the difference between old and new games. Another problem I see is more hassle for the people who don't have the 60 bucks to shell out for a brand new title and just want to spend the last 20 bucks on some weekend entertainment. Plus i see hassle for people that like replying games they have had for a few years, I mean if the game is old how will the xbox tell if it's a game that is used or a game that the original owner had laying around? I still call BS.

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This will kill a huge chunk of GameStop sales.