AMD Radeon HD 7970 now shipping from Newegg

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Posted: 4 years 41 weeks ago

"AMD's highly anticipated flagship 28nm single-GPU card, the Radeon HD 7970, has now officially become available from Newegg nearly twenty-four hours before its official launch. The 28nm Tahiti-based GPU is available from six different add-in board partners - Sapphire, PowerColor, HIS, ASUS, XFX and Gigabyte - with a price range between $549 and $599 and approximately $8 dollar shipping within the continental United States."




I saw a review, it's not that beats the GTX 580, yes, but the GTX 680 will beat the HD 7970 by a large margine. And the HD 7970 beats the GTX 580 by only like 20 FPS on average. Which is not that awesome.