Lindsay Lohan Leaked Playboy Photos Still Online: Pictures Causing Hef to Sue?

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Posted: 4 years 42 weeks ago

"Now, the question is turning away from where can you see them (here and links can be found here) to "is Hugh Hefner going to sue somebody over them?" Well, the latest info is that there's still "No word on whether Playboy will pursue legal remedies over the leak. Well, the fact that hackers were the ones to break into Playboy's cache of photos and leak them makes it hard to pin point the culprits. Undoubtedly, Hefner's pocket hurt when Lindsay Lohan's Playboy photos were leaked. Some people wondered if the leak had been intentional to create a buzz, and the truth is it probably wasn't. An intentional leak would have only displayed a portion of LiLo's pictures not the pictorial in full. Once it's up on the Internet, it's there forever."



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There are times when I actually like hackers.. ;)

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