Firefox 9 Released, JavaScript Performance Greatly Improved

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Posted: 3 years 14 weeks ago

"Firefox 9 is now available — but unlike its previous rapid release forebears where not a lot changed, a huge feature has landed with the new version: the JavaScript engine now has type inference enabled. This simple switch has resulted in a 20-30% JS execution speed increase (PDF), putting JaegerMonkey back in line with Chrome's V8 engine, and even pulling ahead in some cases..."



Manic Mouse
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This isn't funny anymore. I am sick and tired of the constant upgrade business.

I have always been a big FF fan. That is swirling down the toilet with this "update hell" and full release updates just for the sake of putting them out. No thanks.

I will go to IE (I really do NOT like Chrome and Opera isn't supported with portable Roboform) before I ever upgrade FF again.

That's it Mozilla! I. Am. Done!

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Craziness....a day later and it's 9.0.1 lol

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9.0 already? Seriously? I swear they just came out with 8.0... It's funny to think Firefox 4.0 released only this year...

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