AMD: GPGPU Accelerators in CPU Sockets Make No Sense

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Source: Xbitlabs - Read the full article
Posted: 4 years 44 weeks ago

"Advanced Micro Devices said that making special-purpose GPU-based accelerators compatible with CPU sockets makes no sense. The approach proposed by AMD is vastly different from the one that is allegedly offered by its arch-rival, Intel Corp., which recently demonstrated its Knights Corner accelerator in an LGA form-factor that is used for microprocessors.

In a conversation with X-bit labs' Anna Filatova, AMD's leading software expert Neal Robison said that Fusion-architecture - which integrates general-purpose [x86] processing cores with highly-parallel stream processors of Radeon GPUs - is a better solution for high-performance computing than to install special-purpose accelerators into CPU sockets. According to AMD, "it makes more sense from the software developers standpoint". Besides, it investments into "tool has already been made so we might as well use it". It looks like the once proposed Torrenza platform is no longer even considered as viable.

"APU is a better and cleaner solution than sticking a GPU in the same socket," said Neal Robison."