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Video Review #951: NZXT Tempest Case

The NZXT Tempest Case will be a big hit amongst enthusiasts. Affordability is obviously very important to most folks and this case is very well priced considering what's included. Air flow is crucial and with 6 included fans (4x120mm & 2x140mm) this case is king in that department. HDD storage space is also vital and with space for 8 HDDs this is not a problem. Another big plus is it's compatible and tested with many well known water cooling radiators which can be mounted at the top of the case using the pre-drilled holes. This is one of the best mid-tower cases on the market!

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Get your Windows 7 Release Candidate while you can (that means today)

Been meaning to try out Windows 7 for free before taking the plunge on a final retail copy? Then you might want to get your act together, as today is the last day that you'll be able to download the Windows 7 Release Candidate direct from Microsoft itself. If you can spare a few minutes, however, we might suggest first checking out our Windows 7 install guide to get a taste of what you're in for, and, of course, our full Windows 7 review, which is quite possibly the next best thing to actually using it.

Google Voice revives free calling to Canada, eh

Google Voice users with friends and relatives living north or the border, rejoice. Not that calls to Canada are overly expensive in the first place, but the Google Voice team has decided to eat that marginal expense — just as they did when they were GrandCentral — and make calling to Canada free once again. That’s right Google Voice users, the next time you need to call and taunt your Canadian friends when your team is playing the Blue Jays it won’t cost you a dime. Now if only you could initiate those calls from a nifty little app on your iPhone without having to jailbreak…

Scientists make bendable, transparent LEDs

Organic light emitting diodes, or OLEDs, promise to bring a great deal of flexibility to where we can put a display—literally. Because of their organic components, it should be possible to create flexible and transparent displays, opening up a large number of potential uses. But now, just as OLEDs may finally be ready for the consumer market, some engineers have figured out a way to get many of the same properties using inorganic LEDs (ILEDs), using a method that's so simple, even a biologist could understand it.

Apple Triple Play: iTunes, App TV and Apple Television

There’s not much of a business yet in Apple TV, as the Apple’s (AAPL) leadership often notes. But there may be soon, with the market for connected TVs evolving as it has been. In a research note issued this morning, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster says the time is right for Apple to release the next iteration of the Apple TV — one that offers DVR capabilities and supports iTunes TV show subscriptions.

Video Review #555: HIS X850XT PE/X850XT VIVO 256MB AGP Video Cards


Video Review #556: Vantec 3.5" NexStar 3 Enclosure


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Video Review #557: Cooler Master Real Power 550W Power Supply


Video Review #558: Plextor PX-716UF DVD DVD±R/RW External Drive


Video Review #559: SilverStone Zeus ST65ZF 650W SLI Power Supply


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