Rumors point at demise of CD

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Posted: 4 years 50 weeks ago

"Many web portals appear to have caught on to an article claiming that CDs are coming to an end, as major labels allegedly plan to abandon the format by end of 2012. The article claims that CDs will be mostly dropped but used for some limited editions and such. The labels however aren’t interested in commenting the allegations."



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What next, the end of DVD? I really hate everything going 'download only/digital' ever since it started, I really prefer to have a real copy of something like games and soundtracks on CD etc, even if I used a very fast internet I'd still be the way I am.

It could lower costs for making stuff like above but I'd prefer to pay the bit extra for something I prefer.

Hope this doesn't happen or I won't be buying many soundtracks in future =/

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