EA estimates 5 million copies of Battlefield 3 sold, says stability issues solved

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Posted: 4 years 51 weeks ago

"Last week's Battlefield 3 launch had its high and low points, with sky-high consumer interest, but stability issues plaguing many players. EA has announced that the game has sold an estimated 5 million copies worldwide in its first week of availability. That's a big success by any metric, although we're curious about the split in sales between the console and PC versions of the game."




Battlefield 3 for pc works very bad: origin is alwais disconected so the game fall down.

Black screens,crashes,white screens freeze,disconnections and more other.After 2 months is still full of bugs.

e@ game doesn't fixing the problems.


I downloaded it from bittorrents.

It is for free.


I have several problems too:I bought bf 3 for pc and for x box 360;

There are differents issues but they are too much.

I have a long list of bugs,disconnection,black screens, sound crash and other.

I wanna be refunded from ea game but they will not.

So I complained hard for bugs and they banned me.

So I spent 60 euros + 65 euros for both platforms and I lost my money.

In future I will not buy no more ea games for me and friends.;

I forgotten: Also my friends have several issues.

Ea game I think you are the shame of software houses becouse to get money fast you sold out a beta and not a real game.


I also got several issues whit bf 3 and especially whit origin.

After my hard complaining I got a ban.So I paid in full a game what works very bad since is publishing.

Italian support make loosing money to ea games becouse banning several players.

A bastard called fernando of italian support banning several customers so these will not buy further games from ea.

Fernando fuck off you and your fuck family

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Who buys a game like this for single player???

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Poor people, i hope they like to play multiplayer, cause the single player was total crap.

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Lots of hackers showing up over the last few days... kinda pissing me off. EA better fix that!

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Finished the single player campaign, haven't had a chance to touch the multiplayer portion yet. The only issue with this game for me is having to use Origin.

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I have the game and with 64 people it's insane! I'll get back to playing it right after I get my TF2 halloween items. lol

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I got this two nights ago, I've only played the single played but I love it so much.

I heard about the online problems, glad they've been fixed already for me to play haha =P

Only thing I didn't like about this is the installing, uses this thing called 'origin' which is annoying, has a out of game menu, would be nice if EA and DICE could get rid of it =/

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