Nvidia releases 285.62 WHQL drivers

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Posted: 5 years 1 day ago

"Nvidia has rolled out a new set of its WHQL-certified drivers, Geforce 285.62 WHQL. Similar to the Geforce 285.38 beta driver, the new 285.62 WHQL-certified one is recommended driver for Battlefield 3 as well as some other game titles. The new driver supports all the GPUs since Geforce 6 series as well as the ION GPU. According to Nvidia, the Battlefield 3 performance is improved by up to 11 percent when compared to the previously released Geforce 285.38 beta drivers. In addition to the Battlefield 3, the new driver also bring some enhancements for the Rage title as well as the Batman: Arkham City."



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Nice to hear, I have the GTX 470, I'll be getting Battlefield 3 hopefully Thursday(I pre ordered it) =)

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