Battlefield 3 has a single-player campaign... unfortunately

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Posted: 5 years 1 day ago

"The Battlefield series isn't just another war game franchise that's trying to compete with the first-person shooter Call of Duty; it's a series that offers an experience that's utterly distinct from Activision's testosterone-drenched celebration of war. The multiplayer in Battlefield places an emphasis on teamwork, communication, and vehicles, and this combination has appealed to those who don't care for the alpha-male play of Call of Duty.

The single-player campaign in a Battlefield title would ideally focus on what the game does differently from its main competitor, but DICE seemed content to simply steal everything it could from the Call of Duty series, placing it all in an engine that will take advantage of every bit of power your PC can throw at it. It may be pretty to look at, but it's an utterly hollow experience."




Yep, played BF3, it's nothing special, and for sure not as fancy and real as on that trailer they released...And I played it at 1920x1080 resolution with everything maxxed out. But still, it wasn't THAT awesome as it looked on the trailer. However it's a great game and I will buy it (I played it at a friend's PC).