Seagate to have 4TB internal drive by November

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Posted: 5 years 4 weeks ago

"We got confirmation from industry sources that Seagate plans to reveal an internal 4TB hard drive. It should launch it by November and it will have 5 plates rotating at 7200 RPM. They might be the first to market to have it, and since Seagate has acquired Samsung hard disk division, they have a good fighting position in internal hard drive market. It turns out that 7200 RPM drives are easier to make than 5400 eco ones, and this looks to be the path for the future. It looks like that most of the future internal 3.5 drives from Seagate might actually be the 7200 RPM ones."


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Intel SSD Caching + 4 x 4tb drives in RAID0 FTW

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4TB... and they just keep getting bigger.. I still want an SSD just for the speed.

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