Canada to Rogers Cable: we want fix for game throttling by next week

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Posted: 5 years 5 weeks ago

"Canada's telecommunications regulator appears none too pleased with Rogers Communications explanation for the throttling of game streams over its cable ISP network. The Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission wants the company to crank out out a plan for fixing the problem—and by Tuesday, September 27. Bottom line: Rogers must come up with a scheme to avoid the "misclassification" of interactive game traffic, so that its network management system won't shape and slow World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, and other popular games. "Commission staff also requests that Rogers provide a detailed report to the Commission once the problem is resolved, demonstrating that the problem has been fixed," the letter continues. The requested document should include an overview of the solution, how it deals with the "underlying" dilemma, and "a description of the changes made to Rogers' ITMP [Internet Traffic Management Practices] disclosures in order to accurately reflect resolution of this problem." On top of that, it appears that the CRTC plans to issue new guidelines "for responding to complaints and enforcing framework compliance by Internet service providers" this week. Critics of Rogers hope that will make it easier to resolve ISP/game related disputes..."


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hey Rodney,

Any update on this topic? Is TekSavvy still working out for you?

The reason I ask, is because TekSavvy has been getting some pretty nasty reviews over the last few months. Seems they are selling services like hotcakes, but unable to keep up with demand.

I am looking into these guys, but like you I depend on my Internet connectivity to help make my living. Like you I can't tolerate heavy slowdowns or instability in my connection to the Internet world.

I am looking to switch away from Rogers soon, but if it is to switch to a company that is providing dodgy service I will bite the proverbial bullet and stick with Robbers... er Rogers.


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Lol. looks like somebody really doesn't like our beloved broadband ISPs so much :D

Let's face it Rodney, this has been a symptom of Canadian business practices since day 1.

Why are cars from companies non-US. Based almost 25% more expensive in Canada?

Why are there none of these super wireless deals you see in the U.S.? instead we see Canadian wireless providers charging us a king's ransom for the same services you get in the U.S. for a few bucks per month.

Why can you drive across the border and buy electronics (or just about anything) for 20-30% less than you pay in Canada?

Why is gas so much cheaper in the states?

Why? Because consumers in accept it and pay it.
Business practices in the U.S. is very different than in Canada.
Business mentality in the U.S. is "Sell lots to a lot of people cheap, make lots of money! Lets compete with our competitors and lure their customers away"

In Canada it is "Hey competitors! I don't want to fight for my customers. Let's set our prices high and give our customers less. If we all set our prices the same, we can all make lots because our customers won't have anywhere else to go."

I remember a little over a decade ago when DSL and Cable broadband had been out for a couple years. Bell got the bright idea to cap their service, but Rogers (robbers - *snicker*) didn't have one. Bell nearly lost their entire broadband user base within 6 months as they jumped ship to Cable. Today since for the same price there really is no comparison between Bell's and Rogers bandwidth speeds, it is mostly rural or small towns with no decent cable presence that is keeping Bell's ISP business alive at all. They still have their lousy caps, and sadly so do their biggest competitors (though those competitor's caps are quite a bit higher). Now by implementing caps on all sides, Rogers really doesn't care if you go to Bell and Bell doesn't care of you go to Rogers.

Rogers is getting away with this anti-competition because we let them. They have no competition in Canada to compete with on bandwidth so people are allowing them to do this.

There really is only one alternative, look at the smaller outfits like Techsavvy.

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You mean Robbers, not Rogers ;)

Rodney Reynolds,