Intel Runs PC on CPU Powered by Solar Cell

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Posted: 5 years 5 weeks ago

"Intel on Thursday showed an experimental low-power processor the size of a postage stamp that could run PCs on solar power. The concept processor, code-named Claremont, can run light workloads on solar power by dropping energy consumption to under 10 milliwatts, said Justin Rattner, chief technology officer at Intel, during a keynote address at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco. That is low enough to keep a chip running on a solar cell the size of a stamp."


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This is amazing, well done intel.

This would be brilliant in laptops, especially ones for games, now all they need to do is find a way to power everything on solar then laptops and handheld stuff would be much better.

I don't think they could get a fast car to run like this or a entire house or street but cool to think about it.

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