75 percent of in-game marriages end in divorce

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Posted: 5 years 6 weeks ago

"The game-makers (and matchmakers) at online-game site Nexon tell me that of the 26,982 in-game marriages that have joyously occurred in a game called MapleStory, 20,344 have ended in divorce. Because I happen never to have played MapleStory, nor indeed even wondered what it is, I am grateful to Nexon for offering me correspondence with respect to the details of the world's next great social plight. "I was young, naive, and thought I had met 'the one'," declared one player from Vancouver. "She asked me what I wanted in MapleStory for my birthday, and I told her that the only thing I could ever want was for her to marry me." I feel virtual sniffles coming on. My shirt is becoming virtually damp. What could have possibly gone wrong?"


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Not far off the real world divorce rate. So that would make my wife and I odd, because we've been married for 14 years ;) This should make a decent poll video.

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