Boost Your WiFi Signal Using Only a Beer Can

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Posted: 5 years 6 weeks ago

"I love a good hack, especially one that requires me to throw back a cold one before hand (or during). This simple wifi boost has actually been shown to increase signal strength by at least 2 to 4 bars. And, well, I will drink to that. These instructions came to us via The Chive and we think they are most definitely worth checking out. But here is the most important question: what kind of beer will you use? For this project you are going to need scissors, a utility knife, some adhesive putty and an empty beer can. More than one empty beer can is acceptable but don’t kid yourself, the router only needs the one..."



DD-WRT made a large difference to my signal. These mods work but different shapes and materials are better suited to different situations!


Boosted a Pretty good distance of 100 meters


My wifi-signal is pretty good but I'd do it just because it's fun with DIY-things :D