In gaming, everything is amazing, but no one is happy

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Posted: 5 years 7 weeks ago

"We live in what may be the golden age of video games. There has never been a greater selection of games to play, there have never been more ways to buy the games we play, and prices for the games we play have declined. Classic and rare games are finding a second home, and a second chance, on digital distribution services on both the PC and consoles. Everything, on the whole, is getting better. Of course, that means that no one is happy. With anything. Ever..."



The problem is that alot of gamers spend all there time gaming wich leads to a few things.

#1 desensitivity to games, an awsome game might come out but you'v already been playing other awsome games so it doesn't seem like such an acomplishment

2# Its hard to be happy when the fridge is empty, the backyard is full of dog droppings, and your car won't start. (Real Life neglect)
Most hard core gamers spend more than just a couple hours playing a night

#3 denial is a B$%^# yes I fall under the above catagorizies from time to time. To be honest though I feal alot better about myself and life if I limit myself to an hour a night and then what ever I want on the weekend.

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My opinion, people have gotten too spoilt, probably first started with 'next gen' graphics then just went over the top.

And what's this 'we're now in a golden age of video games' rubbish? I think my PS2 days were the best 'golden' times, no fancy rubbish like online stuff, just straight forward, cool and fun games that lasted a very long time aswell.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to Elder Scrolls V, and Hitman V, and GTA V haha, really =P

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