Survey: Negative online reviews change 80 pct of shoppers' minds

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Posted: 5 years 7 weeks ago

"Market analysis firm Cone Inc. has released its 2011 Cone Online Influence Trend Tracker, and survey data suggests the influence of the Internet and online reviews on consumers’ purchase decisions is stronger than ever. Cone found that 89 percent of consumers said they found online sources of product and service reviews to be trustworthy, and fully 80 percent of consumers have changed their minds about a purchase based only on negative information they found online. That last figure is up from 67 percent in 2010. However, good product reviews also have a strong influence: 87 percent of consumers said a favorable review has confirmed their decision to go through with a purchase."


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Of course you can trust majority of these reviews since most of these reviewers do not work for the company of the products they're trying to discuss, some of them are even consumer so its really a neutral ground most of the time. I believe it especially when the reviewer knows his shit and knows how to compare the product to rival products but to be sure its also better to test your own shit since everyone has their own preferences.