The iPad is a Personal Computer—true or false?

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Posted: 5 years 9 weeks ago

"Some people treat "PC" as a kind of country club, keeping membership in the group narrow and therefore constraining the definition of a PC. Others would go so far as to say that anything that does real computing, is personal, and is powered by a central processing unit is a PC. And then there's a whole lot of us in between. So that brings us to our poll, and hopefully a great discussion: is the iPad a PC or not?"


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i would say the blackberry playbook is alot closer to a PC then the iPad thats for sure. BUT neither of them are anywhere close. No Flash for the iPad? No silverlight? That already alone breaks my browsing experience.

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Can u play Crysis 2 1080p dx11 ultra high with decent framerate on iSHIT? - NO
Can u transcode huge HD files / audio files on iSHIT? - NO (in decent time frame)
Can u use iSHIT for graphics / 3d design? - NO
Can u customize anything hardware-related? - NO!!!

So how dumb is comparing tablets to PC's??!!!? Its like ultimate peak of human stupidity.. and really... its like comparing rusty little RC Car to real brand new shiny Mercedes!

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This would make a good poll idea..

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