GameStop Pulls PC Deus Ex: Human Revolution From Shelves Following OnLive Debacle

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Posted: 5 years 9 weeks ago

"After getting into hot water earlier today for opening new PC copies of Square Enix's Deus Ex: Human Revolution and removing codes for a free OnLive version of the game prior to sale, video game retailer GameStop has pulled the games from its shelves pending recall. According to an email forwarded to Kotaku from an anonymous source and confirmed via GameStop retail employees, the company instructs employees to remove any retail copies of the PC version of the game to the back room of the store pending recall at a later date. Note that the recall is being performed in agreement with Square Enix, indicating the two companies have been in communication regarding the situation."


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gamestop should be pulled out next.

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Bad enough they opened your retail copy and pulled something out. Buy from Amazon first and never buy games from GameStop, they are the worst.

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