Iron Man-Like Exoskeleton Nears Production

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Posted: 5 years 11 weeks ago

"By now, with films like Iron Man, its sequel, and Avatar, Hollywood has made us thoroughly familiar with the idea of the robotic exoskeleton. Less well known, however, is that researchers are actually building robotic exoskeletons like the ones envisioned by Hollywood and the comic book visionaries from whom Hollywood pilfers its most lucrative ideas. Among the developers of real-life Iron Man suits (of which there are many, the world over) is a group called Raytheon Sarcos. And as IEEE Spectrum reports in this month's issue, its impressive second-generation exoskeleton robotics suit, dubbed the XOS 2, is nearing production."



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This is so cool but not everyone is Tony Stark haha, just imagine how much these would cost to make, even though fighter jets cost millions or billions a suit would have to be tailored in a way, a fighter jet doesn't.

So cool though.

Robots they need to design properly, get out of the rubbish idea of having them look like asimo and that other 'clunky' thing and design them based on a human body like i,robot and the Terminator =)

And @ihatenvidia If it worked JUST like the Iron Man suit then a 50 caliber wouldn't hit it, too slow =P

I heard 50 caliber weapons are very powerful and penetrate alot but overheat very quick and are very inaccurate at long range because of the weight of the bullet so wouldn't be effective at hitting the iron man suit especially in flight =/

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Just think.. you could have two .50 caliber guns or torrent with those arms.. think Matrix 3. :)

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it don't matter, a .50 caliber will slice through it like cheese.