WoW is dying out

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Posted: 3 years 33 weeks ago

"While it has been the most successful MMORPG of all-time, World of Warcraft is slowly dying. The publishers of the game, Blizzard said that the numbers are down by 600,000 players in the last seven months. Blizzard reported another loss in the second quarter. Subtracting another 300,000 players from the game. This means that WoW has lost nearly a million users in about nine months. The reason that the decline might have slowed by Blizzard bringing in a free-to-play model. Players can play for an unlimited amount of time for free until a character hits level 20. Then they have to start paying the monthly fee for online access."



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Yeah, WoW has been dying for the past year or so. New releases haven't helped it much.

One of the reasons you guys haven't seen me around much is because I have been heavily immersed in the (really addictive) MMORPG world. With knowledge that I will no doubt get flamed by the WoW fanboys out there, I have been in & out of a lot of mmo games and comparing WoW to the latest crop of MMOs is like comparing Doom or Wolfenstein to Dragon Age. The earlier games were fun in their time but 8 years has WoW showing its age.

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