Social networking makes us ruder

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Posted: 5 years 12 weeks ago

"Too much gear for collaboration, social networking and communication tools is making people ruder, according to a new survey from some ginks working for a “social email provider” The study found that during face-to-face meetings, 41 per cent of UK workers remain glued to their communication devices, sending instant messages, responding to texts, listening to voicemails or checking their emails. This figure rises to a staggering 70 percent during virtual meetings and webcasts.

Only a third even admit to disrupting face-to-face meetings to answer their mobile phones even when 40 per cent agree it is rude, One in three workers aged 20-39 will take a mobile phone call while in a meeting, compared to one in five of us older types over 40.Only ten percent of those over 60 would dream of it. Nineteen percent of respondents tell their superiors to sod off and stay connected when they’ve been told to explicitly disconnect."



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Makes people lazier and less 'really' sociable(able to communicate properly) the ones addicted to these 'social network' things anyways, don't know about rude, the internet overall might have been the cause of this =/

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