The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Preview

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Posted: 5 years 11 weeks ago

"Meanwhile, at QuakeCon 2011, I get around 60 minutes to make sense of Skyrim. What follows is inevitably closer to panic than pleasure.

The best I can really do is to pick one path and see where it goes, so as soon as I exit the character creator – decked out as a smart but sexy male Khajiit cat warrior – I grab a fireball spell in one hand and a war axe in the other and make a beeline for the nearest mountain.

It's not a long climb to the summit, but it's eventful enough. One of the first things that happens is I run into some bandits protecting a small tower outpost on the mountain road. My left hand's effectively a flamethrower and I drench them in magic, finishing them with the axe if they get too close..." ~more




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I still love and play Elder Scrolls IV I love that game so much but this... is in a new league I think, everytime I see something of it it makes me more excited, can't wait.

"Maximum, Game".