NVIDIA GeForce 280.19 Beta Driver Released

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Source: NVIDIA - Read the full article
Posted: 5 years 12 weeks ago

"The new GeForce R280.19 beta drivers are now available to download. Filled with fixes, new and updated 3D Vision profiles, and a couple of new features, the beta drivers are an essential upgrade for those seeking the absolute best from their games.

Though not mentioned in our release notes, we recommend that NVIDIA GPU users testing the Battlefield 3 Alpha download the 280.19 beta drivers to help eliminate any in-game glitches they are experiencing. Also, anyone with a SLI PC and a 3D Vision kit should grab these drivers to enable 3DVisionLive.com and YouTube 3D video support. And finally, the new drivers enable Window mode in the latest version of the 3D Vision Player.

For a complete summary of all the noteworthy changes, updates and fixes in the 280.19 beta driver keep on reading.." ~more