Can AI Games Create Super-Intelligent Humans?

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Posted: 5 years 13 weeks ago

A technology CEO sees game artificial intelligence as the key to a revolution in education, predicting a synergy where games create smarter humans who then create smarter games. Citing lessons drawn from Neal Stephenson's The Diamond Age, Alex Peake, founder of Primer Labs, sees the possibility of a self-fueling feedback loop which creates 'a Moore's law for artificial intelligence,' with accelerating returns ultimately generating the best possible education outcomes. 'What the computer taught me was that there was real muggle magic ...' writes Peake, adding 'Once we begin relying on AI mentors for our children and we get those mentors increasing in sophistication at an exponential rate, we're dipping our toe into symbiosis between humans and the AI that shape them.'"




This sounds rubbish, whatever happened to the older PEOPLE teaching the young about stuff and learning in a fun and good way?

EVERYTHING is just going digital and crap, I'm a quiet person so won't talk alot to a stranger unless they start talking first but I friggin hate this 'social' networking and not talking properly, I miss how things used to be, people take the phone for granted too, just talking instead of a text message.