IT workers fat and don't get enough sex

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Posted: 5 years 14 weeks ago

"Male IT workers are more likely to be fat and not get enough sex, according to a new survey compiled by the Men's Health Network and Cephalon. Those who work non-traditional hours including IT professionals working overnight shifts, report that these shifts can negatively impact their health. More than 79 per cent of shift workers believe that they are negatively impacted by their shift work and voiced daily concern over their energy level and weight. A third felt that work was stuffing up their sex lives."




This is somewhat true. I work IT graveyard shift, and I did gain quite a bit of weight (well, that and my piss poor eating habbit). At that, I do not have quite the sex life that I used to have. Mind you, I am now back on the path of dating, and hopefully I will find someone I can connect with. But I need to get back into shape; that will not be the easy part.


Two words: Bull $hit. Life is what you make it, make it better.