The science of fanboyism

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Posted: 5 years 14 weeks ago

"We've all encountered them. They lurk in Internet message boards, comment threads, and chatrooms. Addressing anyone and everyone, they type up lengthy tirades with Cheeto-stained fingers, extolling the virtues of their product or brand of choice. They angrily accuse even the most impartial reviewers of taking handouts from reviled competitors of a beloved company, and they casually and systematically dismiss any evidence that might conflict with their worldview. They're known in our parlance as fanboys..."



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I hate, no I despise 'fanboy' crap, not sure who or when it started but when I was growing up with my great PS2(brilliant days I would NOT give them up for the World) I never heard anyone argue over what system/game is better, it was just nice straight forward games as it should always be.

Shame some lazy 'cheeto filled'(as this article said =P) dope started it all.

"Maximum, Game".