Computer Learns to Understand Written Text

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Posted: 5 years 15 weeks ago

"Computers: They sure can do a lot of things now. But how smart are they really? A new MIT study says they're catching up to us, as they're beginning to understand the meaning of written, human-readable, English-language text. You know, like human beings. To prove this, a computer at MIT was forced to play the complex video-game "Civilization." At first, it wasn't given any help, but simply informed when it was winning and losing. Then researchers "augmented a machine-learning system" with a "Civilization" instruction manual..."



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Computers turn me on ;)

Rodney Reynolds,

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I try not to post the whole article to be fair to the publishers and writers.. but this last part of the short article is rather funny to me..

"It's a matter of minutes before people start marrying them, and from there they'll obviously turn on us."

lol :D

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