AMD throws down the GPU gauntlet with Radeon HD 6990M

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Posted: 5 years 14 weeks ago

"AMD has upped the stakes in the mobile GPU game for notebooks my tossing the new HD 6990M onto the market. The new mobile GPU is the fastest single mobile graphics processor in the world according to AMD. The 6990M was measures at 25% faster than other enthusiast level notebook GPUs according to AMD. The GPU also supports CrossFireX technology. The GPU also supports dual Graphics with a combination of multiple Radeon GPUs or a Radeon GPU and an AMD APU."



Andreas Hofer
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I do remember those really big Alienware laptops (pre-Dell) that had to be plugged in when playing games because of short battery life, and those batteries where huge.

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Having one of those would make a very HOT laptop, literally.