DirectX 11 Ultra Upgrade for Crysis 2

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Posted: 5 years 17 weeks ago

"The DX11 Ultra Upgrade is a free visual improvement add-on introducing DirectX 11 support as well as a wealth of graphical improvements and performance optimization for both DX11 and DX9 API's. When using the new “Ultra” spec, DX9 platforms will benefit from real-time local reflections and contact shadows. The owners of DX11 platforms, in addition, will be able to enjoy hardware tessellation (requires the installation of the “DX11 Ultra Upgrade”), parallax occlusion mapping and several improvements for shadows, water, particles, depth of field and motion blur.."



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This should have been with the PC version day one of release to REALLY separate the PC from the consoles but I'm not complaining, as I always say about alot of stuff, better late than never.

Thanks Crytek, looks incredible but I wonder how much of an impact this new setting will have on hardware =P

I'll be getting Crysis 2 very soon, looking forward to this.

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Already finished that game and i don't even remember the end. I won't play it again even if the make a DX13 patch.
Making this patch 3 months after the release is ridiculous. This game is a joke and an offense to all PC gamers. The patch is like saying to the pc gamers community "go get it, wanna play fetch, gooood boys".
Thank God i've downloaded that crap from the internet.

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I wish I had a DX11 card to fully take advantage of this :(

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