Valve: Team Fortress 2 is free forever

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Posted: 5 years 17 weeks ago

"Valve has once again turned to Team Fortress 2 as the studio’s outlet for experimentation, this time with a daring move to make the triple-A game entirely free to play."



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There is a difference from a Premium vs Free account. The best part is people can try the game out and see if they like it without having to cough up any dough. The only bad part for me is this might increase the number of people that will make temp accounts and use hacks.

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I think Valve is going to make even MORE money by making TF2 f2p. The game sells a bunch of virtual goods so people who are hooked are bound to shell out cash. TF2 was practically free anyway, when there's a sale it's about two bucks.

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Valve are one of the best developers for PC, their so kind. I wonder if they'll make Left 4 Dead free in a couple of years =P

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WOW.. FREE is sweet :)

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