Firefox 5 comes on 24th

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Posted: 5 years 18 weeks ago

"Firefox 5 has been in Beta for quite a while, and the current iteration of Beta works just fine. It doesn't crash, it opens any site that we usually visit and Flash works for all of them.

This is not a big surprise considering that beta is supposed to come on June 24th and one big feature that was even requested by US Congress was the do not track option. To elaborate, Google and other advertising giants tend to look at what are you searching for, let’s say tablets or shoes, and they will serve you ads to match you interest."



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I updated today and got 5.0, I made sure to disable add-on compatibility check, can't live without my add-ons!

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Mine just auto-updated today (21st) - the updater said it was a "security update" lol. The 'about' box does not specify it as a beta or RC so it appears to be the final version.

Nice to see the "do not track" option is on by default.

And yes, there is a native 64-bit Windows version.


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Hope they'll make a 64-bit version already!