Sony hit again, data from 1 million user accounts leaked

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Posted: 5 years 20 weeks ago

"LulzSec, the hacker group behind the Fox and PBS breaches, has struck again. This time the target was It resulted in the compromise of over one million user accounts, complete with usernames, passwords, email addresses, birth dates and home addresses, and all the other data required by Sony when signing up for the service, as well as the Sony BMG databases with details of Belgian and Dutch customers.

"Among other things, we also compromised all admin details of Sony Pictures (including passwords) along with 75,000 'music codes' and 3.5 million 'music coupons'," claims the group on its website, where they published part of the stolen information and made some of it available on torrents."



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I'm sure console players are going to look back at the good old days when they didn't need to worry about being hacked.

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