Modern Warfare 3 will again not offer dedicated servers

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Posted: 5 years 20 weeks ago

"Many rumors were floating around that the MW3 server support would be closer to what we saw in call of Duty Black Ops, which offers at least some limited capacity dedicated server support. Apparently, this isn’t to be; and the Infinity Ward crew will not be adopting what Treyarch used in Black Ops.

The question of dedicated server support continues to plague a number of multiplayer FPS game releases. Most recently, developers at DICE and Kaos Studios both came out in favor of dedicated server support providing a better and more robust gaming experience. Kaos’s recent release Homefront offered dedicated server support, and DICE has always offered dedicated server support for the Battlefield franchise and intends to continue this trend going forward."




Black Ops has dedicated servers, map packs and mod tools being released any day and that's what will continue to play.


Not only did Homefront allow dedicated servers. They also give you dedicated server files! So you can run your own dedicated server or LAN! MW3 is crap

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I didn't buy Black Ops and I guess I'll not buy MW3 as well now. PC is my gaming platform and I will no longer be served the same old BS. Battlefield 3 will get my money. It's not like they are the ones paying for the dedicated servers anyways.

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