Kid sells one of his kidneys so he can buy an iPad 2

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Posted: 5 years 20 weeks ago

"On April 28th, the boy went to Chenzhou City in neighboring Hunan Province for the kidney removal surgery arranged by the broker. He was paid 22,000 yuan (an extra 2,000–) or $3,400 after his right kidney was taken out at Chenzhou’s famous No. 198 Hospital. His mom later found out (probably because he was rocking a new white iPad 2 and a huge scar) and called the police."



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ABSOLUTE DISGRACE! seriously. What the heck is happening to people, becoming completely paranoid and obsessed with technology =/

"Maximum, Game".

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Well he must be a real Apple fan to commit such stupid and selfish stunt. The kid is 17 years old and these doctors did the job without asking questions. What a world we live in. Kidney on the black market = 30.000 dollars. He got ripped. ( Fujian corporation: quick surgery without any forms or questions asked. No refunds if you are dead or alive or missing a vital organ!!)